Do Not Wait! Get a Jab! Keep Flu Away!

A low level of influenza activity in recent years can decrease our immunity against influenza virus. With more frequent travel and social interactions, the risk of getting infected by influenza virus could greatly increase. Receiving seasonal influenza vaccination (SIV) can boost our immunity against influenza virus and reduces the risk of developing severe complications and death.

Starting from 6 October 2022, Hong Kong residents of age 50 years or above and other eligible persons could receive SIV from private doctors/ clinics enrolled in the Vaccination Subsidy Scheme with Government subsidy of $260 per dose. Corporations/ companies can also arrange outreach vaccination activity at non-clinic venues and invite VSS doctors to provide outreach vaccination service. Please contact Centre for Health Protection at 2125 2125 for enquiry or click below for more information.

Don’t drop your guard against flu, get your flu jab now!

Online tool to assess drinking behaviour and the potential effects on health

We observe healthy diet when eating out or at home. However, some of us may not fully understand the health risk of drinking alcohol. For example, drinking alcohol can increase the risk of certain types of cancer. To understand alcohol use and the potential effects on health, you can try out Department of Health’s online self-assessment tool.

Please visit the Department of Health’s website to obtain further information on how drinking alcohol can affect health.

Must-try Meals for Lunch Bringers

Many citizens are improving their cooking skills rapidly amid the epidemic and transformed themselves into “The Cook of a Family”. OSHC partnered with singer Alfred Hui and artist Kitty Yuen to produce the 4-episode healthy eating programme “Must-try Meals for Lunch Bringers”. For more information, please visit Hot Topic on “Must-try Meals for Lunch Bringers”.

EatSmart Restaurant Star+” Campaign Launches “EatSmart Promotion Programme

Visit an “EatSmart Restaurant” when eating out or ordering takeaway for healthy eating! An “EatSmart Restaurant” is definitely the health enthusiasts’ choice if they can enjoy discount at the same time! To keep you posted on the latest promotional offers, the “EatSmart Promotion Programme” gathers promotion on “EatSmart Dishes” offered by different “EatSmart Restaurants” and uploads the information to the thematic website.

We cordially invite you to like the Facebook page and follow the Instagram account of the “EatSmart Restaurant Star+” Campaign to stay tuned to the latest promotional offers and eating trend!

Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme

Colorectal cancer is the most common cancer locally. The Department of Health is implementing the Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme to subsidise asymptomatic Hong Kong residents aged between 50 and 75 to undergo screening tests in private sector for prevention of colorectal cancer. For more information, please visit, or call 3565 6288 during office hours.

“Health Check-up Kit for Free” is now open for application

In Hong Kong, one in four adults has hypertension. Hypertension is often called the "silent killer" as it does not usually give rise to obvious symptoms. The Health Check-up Kit Funding Scheme (Priority would be given to SMEs) under the Joyful@Healthy Workplace Programme provides one set of health check devices on blood pressure and waist measurement for chartered organisations for free, encouraging the participants to measure blood pressure and waist circumference regularly to keep track of personal health! (If enrolment exceeds limit, the devices would be allocated by ballot.)
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COVID-19 OSH Information Pack

Mental Health Workplace Charter

A mental health-friendly working environment not only safeguards the mental health of employees, but also strengthens the productivity and competitiveness of the organisation and builds a positive corporate image, creating a win-win situation for both employers and employees. To foster the establishment of mental health-friendly working environment in the organisations in Hong Kong, the Advisory Committee on Mental Health and the Department of Health jointly launch the "Mental Health Workplace Charter" (Charter).

The statement of the Charter and the application form are available at By signing the Charter, your organisation commits to value and foster a mental health-friendly working environment. Organisations will be awarded the title of "Mental Health Friendly Organisation" or "Mental Health Friendly Supreme Organisation" subject to the number of completed action items. In addition to receiving information and resources on mental health on a regular basis, the organisations can also receive professional support.