The above health tips are prepared by the Department of Health Organisaions are welcomed to use and post at workplace.
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Fruit And Vegetables
Facts About Fat
How to Prevent Iron Deficiency Anaemia?
Choose less fried rice and fried noodles
Tips About Packed Lunch
A Closer Look at Sports Drinks
Shall We Eat Fruit ‘Before’ or ‘After’ a Meal
Always Begin Your Day with Breakfast in the Morning
Watch Out and Don’t Over-eat when Dining Out
How to Choose Nutritious Snacks
Lack of Protein in Some Vegetarians Resulting from Inadequate Intake
of Meat Substitutes
Drink to That!
Eat Smart ! Follow the Healthy Eating Food Pyramid !
Enjoy Fruit and Vegetables EveryDay Two plus Three is the Way
Healthy Vegetables Recipes
Community Dietetic Services Database
Maintain a Healthy Weight (Video)
Abdominal Obesity (Video)
EatSmart restaurant 2018 :
Choose “Smart” Stay Sharp and Healthy (Video)